Who Owns This Great Mansion?
Published on January 30, 2024

Over dinner one night, our family was discussing the idea of Unalienable Rights as described in the Declaration of Independence.  (I have never made a secret that I am a Constitution nerd – but, yes, I guess a certain amount of that extends to my family!)  We discussed the truth that our rights were endowed upon us by God – not by government. We went on to consider how the Declaration tells us government was instituted to secure rights we already possess.  At this point, my 21-year-old son shared with us a beautiful illustration of this principle.  I encouraged him to share that with us in the form of a blog article.  The following is his idea of how to demonstrate that concept. 

An elderly millionaire purchased a property. The long winding driveway led through beautiful trees on its way to a gorgeous fountain in front of a perfect mansion. The wood beams, spacious rooms, and ornate decorations created a residence fit for royalty.

The millionaire had an adopted son, George, that he loved and cherished. Sadly, the millionaire became very ill and died.  He left the mansion and property to his son, so George moved in with his wife and two small children.

In order to keep the mansion a safe place to raise his family, George hired security to protect the property.

At first, everything was wonderful.  The place remained beautiful, the security officers were friendly and respectful to George and his family, but slowly things started to change.  The security officers went from friendly to comfortable, way too comfortable, with the property they were hired to protect.

Security officers started intruding on the privacy of the family, moving very freely through all of the property and house – regardless of where the family was or how they were using their property.  The officers began stealing from the family’s possessions, and requiring the family to seek their permission for use of certain parts of the property.  Over time, the security officers even claimed that the property was theirs, and it was by their permission George and his family were able to stay.  When he confronted the officers, they evicted George and his family off the premises.

How could this be?  The security company was hired by George to defend what his father had given him, and now it was the same security company stealing the property from the family. 

When we use terms like “constitutional rights” or “second amendment rights” it is as if our rights come from the Constitution, amendments, or even worse, from government officials.  As great as our Constitution is, if our rights were granted by the Constitution, then all it would take is 2/3 of Congress and 3/4 of the states to completely remove every right we have through the process of Constitutional amendments. 

On the contrary, since our rights came from God Almighty, then no government agency, body, legislation, or even Constitutional amendment can ever strip them from us.

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  That to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.”

Declaration of Independence

Just like the mansion in the story, we have been given rights by our Heavenly Father.  It is an endowment, an inheritance, from Him.  We have put in place government to secure those rights.  As foolish as it sounds for the security company to claim ownership of a mansion, it is strikingly similar to politicians claiming to have power to amend your rights.

No matter what the “law of the land” is, your right to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness comes directly from God, and that is the safest place they could ever have come from!

I hope you enjoyed Daniel’s illustration of this principle as much as I did.  Our rights are a gift from our Creator, and government’s purpose is to secure them.  We hear many different things from our officials today about the primary purpose of government, but I don’t remember the last time I heard one of them say their purpose was to protect the unalienable rights of Americans – but that is exactly what the national charter for government in this country says!  We need to re-educate (or remove and replace) our officials who have lost sight of their role as defined in our founding documents.  We can’t allow them to steal the rich inheritance that is given by our Creator. 


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  1. Jeffrey B Segal

    This was a great Story. And I also see that for a long time some of our elected officials have either forgotten or don’t remember that they have their jobs because WE THE PEOPLE allow them to have it. I think that it is time that anyone running for office should reread and relearn the Constitution to understand just what they are allowed to do and what they are not allowed to do. Because it seems that they have forgotten just what they are allowed to do and what they are not allowed to do. And also that they work for WE THE PEOPLE AND NOT THEIR PARTY. Which sadly to say is what I think is now happening.

    • Jason Southerland

      Yes – our government was designed to be limited – but they tend to not like being limited! Thank you for your participation and for your comment!

  2. Pat Dunnavant

    Daniel, great job at illustrating what has happened to our unalienable rights. We have definitely let the “servants” run the “house.” They have systematically chased God out of our forums so that they can convince us that God has no place in anything. Thus, when they take over, they become “God,” and try to convince us of that.

    Hi! Jason and RaShell

    • Jason Southerland

      Hello! Yes, I love this illustration Daniel came up with. Yes, I agree with you – it is like David Barton says in the classes… if there is nothing higher than government, then government will take that top spot, and then it will have no limits. We have to keep God over all of us – including our government. Thank you!

  3. Johni J. Peckinpaugh

    Woo whooo.. Daniel you got my attention from the get go! Whose Mansion Is It? Truly if God be for us who dare be against us. What GOD gives to us can’t be taken away.
    Occupation is a lot of responsibility but we are fortunate to have been given what we have here in America. Treasure from Heaven!

    • Jason Southerland

      Amen! I also thought it was a great example! The entity hired (government) to protect the inheritance (unalienable rights from our Creator), has began acting like they own and control the gift!! Crazy! Thank you so much for your comment!

  4. Savannah

    This was a wonderful illustration of how much our inalienable rights have been destroyed. We have to stop letting power or Government authority control the way we live and steal our God given rights from us!

    • Jason Southerland

      Amen! Unalienable rights are given by God and are off limits! Thank you for your comment!


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