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About Patriot's hope

Where Patriotism is Alive and Hope Abounds!  

Patriot’s Hope is a place to encourage each other as we strive to restore the American form of Constitutional government.

We speak the truth, point out the hope, do our duty, and leave the results to God.

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What Can I Do?

As we have talked with people over the last couple years – usually in the setting of facilitating a constitution class - there is a common question...

R.E.C.I.P.E. for Saving America

When I hear the word "Recipe", I tend to think of my Grandma's kitchen when I was a child. She would work in there for hours until all the goodness...

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Who are Your Representatives and How Did They Vote? 

In the last article in this series, “The Voice of We the People”, we began a discussion about Congress.  We said Congress is designed to be the most powerful branch of our government, and is designed to be the...

The Real Hope of the World

The Real Hope of the World

As you know, here at Patriot’s Hope, we are normally busy pointing out things we can learn from the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution of the United States, and ways to hold our officials...

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