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Any path forward to restore freedom in our country requires Americans to understand the way our form of government was designed to work. We host a variety of free, online classes using entertaining and informative materials by Patriot Academy.

We hope you will join us!

Patriot Academy Constitution Coach

Americans need to know how our Constitutional form of government was designed to work and what we should be doing as citizens and stewards of freedom. Host classes using Patriot Academy’s fun and educational videos to keep freedom alive to pass to the next generation! Access is free! Be a part of the rapidly growing momentum to save our country!

Explore Resources

We share our favorite products and organizations that provide wonderful resources that present genuine facts about America’s history and our proper form of government.  Don’t waste time and money on materials that tell lies!


Founding documents

What did those original documents REALLY say?  We have several printable versions for your use.



In our Founding Fathers’ own words...  Inspirational quotes for your use or to share on social media.  

Patriot Profiles

Come meet some Patriots!  Printable fact sheets about amazing men and women from history.


Want to learn more?  Find great organizations, books, games, movies, and other recommendations to help you dig deeper.

Kids Corner

We are creating resources to teach the next generation about our incredible country.

Act Now

When Americans learn how things are supposed to work, their most often asked question is,“What can I do? This isn’t the same for everyone – God has a place for you to get into the fight! We know of several great organizations that will help get you plugged in!

Build Patriot Academy Campus

Patriot Academy is building a campus to train Patriots in Biblical Worldview, Constitutional Foundations, and communication skills. You can help! The campus will be located in the heart of Texas and will train patriots on how to be the catalyst for restoring Biblical values and Constitutional principles in our communities. The campus will boast replicas of historic buildings like Independence Hall, the U.S. Capitol Rotunda, and legislative halls for training. If you are looking for a tangible way to make a real difference today, we encourage you to support this important work of Patriot Academy!

Convention of States

We need to return to limited government, but Washington will never limit its own power…  Did you know that Article V of the Constitution allows the State Legislatures to call a convention and to ratify amendmentsThings like term limits and balanced budgets can be achieved through this process.  Convention of States has structure in place and volunteer roles ready to make this happen – they need your help!  Sign their petition and find a volunteer spot that works for you!  


Heritage Action Sentinel Program

Gain free access to a weekly teleconference from Heritage Action to let you know what is going on in Washington! What bills are moving through the House or Senate? How should I encourage my Representative or Senator to vote? How do I call them? Arm yourself with answers to these questions and make sure your officials in Washington are being faithful to the Constitution and to the job you hired them to do on your behalf.


Want to know more about your elections and how to vote for good candidates and limited government? iVoterGuide is a one-stop resource for candidate ratings and election information. Expert researchers give an in-depth analysis and overall rating for candidates in races nationwide. They also offer election dates, registration deadlines, polling locations, and more to help Americans vote wisely and identify candidates who share their values. iVoterGuide is helping to restore the principles of limited government, free enterprise, and traditional American values.

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