The Real Hope of the World

The Real Hope of the World

As you know, here at Patriot’s Hope, we are normally busy pointing out things we can learn from the Declaration of...


Broken Promises

The destructive events of the last few weeks rolled around endlessly in Jina’s mind.  Everything she loved in...


Little Johnny’s Dollars

     If you’re a parent, you know that feeling you get when your child has been too quiet for too long.  At some...


The Value of the Constitution

I’ve heard a story of a grandfather who gave his granddaughter an old, dusty car that had been in his barn for...


Born to be a Car Thief

     As Morris stepped on the gas pedal, the sleek, beautiful Ferrari leaped into the...

new nation

The Birth of a Nation

In July 1776, a new nation was born.  She was (and still is) a nation like no other.  Her birth was a...

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