Love, Hate, and a Deadly Snake
Published on May 20, 2024
Love Hate Deadly Snake God Rights

The cute little girl came running into the house, excited to show her parents her latest find.  She had been outside playing and exploring the land behind their home.  She loved all the little creatures she found outside, but sometimes her mom would have preferred they didn’t get brought into the house!  Today, she pulled from her pocket a small snake.  It was black and shiny with little bands of bright red and yellow.

One parent screamed, “DON’T TOUCH THAT!!”, just as the other yelled, “DROP IT!!”  The startled little girl dropped the snake but was confused at her parents’ reaction.  They had always allowed her to play outside and then usually celebrated her finds with her.  They usually loved her curiosity and her love of the outdoors.  Why was their reaction so different this time?  Did they still love her explorations?  Did they still love her?  What changed?  She began to cry… 

 Of course, what changed is that she was messing with something – a coral snake in this case – that could destroy her.  Neither of her parents took the time to recite the “Red on yellow, kill a fellow…” rhyme and then look closely to see whether the snake was indeed a coral snake, or maybe a look-alike.  They just wanted it away from their little girl.  They love her, and they want the best for her.  If there is a potential danger, they want her far from it.  That’s how love works – you want what is best for the person you love.  If they want something that will harm or destroy them, then you will cry out to them in alarm against it.  After the danger is gone, the parents can, and certainly will, explain their strong reactions. 

Would anyone here say that because the parents did not celebrate her curiosity, and embrace her latest find, that her parents hated her?  What?  You might ask…  hate her?  How could their reaction be called hate, when they are trying to protect her from something that would destroy her?

Can you also imagine how the parents would feel if they found out there was someone outside who had given the deadly snake to the young girl and had encouraged her to hold it?  What if they found out that he lied to her, and told her the snake was harmless, and was actually a great thing to be held and celebrated?  What if this person was going through the neighborhood spreading his lies to all the children he could find and handing out deadly snakes to as many as would take them?  How would we feel about that person?  I would think of this person as a criminal who, at the very least, should be held legally responsible for the deaths of his victims.    

studies show…

Young people in our society today are being encouraged to tangle with something far more dangerous than a coral snake, and that is the set of lies our society is telling them to encourage gender modification, or maybe I should say gender destruction.  I read most of an article on The Epoch Times (Sorry – I couldn’t finish the part that was too descriptive of surgical procedures and common post-surgery complications) called, * “Rates of Suicide Attempts Doubled After Gender-Reassignment Surgery: Study”, by Megan Redshaw, April 1, 2024.  The author cites a couple different studies.  One study found men who undergo a surgery to attempt to become a woman go on to have suicide rates that are over twice as high as before their surgery.  Another study she cites examines data from a paper in 2011 which considered people in the Swedish population up to 10 years after gender surgery and found their suicide rates to be 19 times higher than the general population. 

 I find it significant that our Declaration of Independence attributes our rights as being endowed upon us by Almighty God, our Creator.  I like to also point out that the document says at the top of the page it is the unanimous declaration of the (thirteen original) states (and by extension, all the subsequent states have signed on to our founding documents).  So all the states unanimously declare our rights came from God. 

God gives rights

Since our rights come from God, that comes with serious hints as to what they are.  For example, we find “Thou shalt not kill” – or “murder”, in the 10 Commandments.  That tells us God gave us a right to life, because others are prohibited from taking what He has given.  “Thou shalt not steal” tells us we have a right to property.  Again, others are prohibited from taking the blessings of property He has given us.  So, we can learn what rights we have by looking at God’s Word.  We can also learn more about what our rights ARE NOT, by looking at His Word.  God doesn’t give rights to things He calls abomination.  He does not give rights to attempt to change His design for fundamental human characteristics He created like gender, or the rules for His basic institution of marriage and family. 

“So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.”                          

Genesis 1:27

God does not give us rights to things He hates, and does not give us rights to change the things He has established.  When our society, and especially our government, stands up and asserts that we have “rights” to disobey God’s Word, and to rebel against His design for our lives and society, then we are playing with dangerous stuff.  When they go further and describe resistance to their destructive actions as “hate” towards their young victims, that is a lie very similar to what we saw with the example above with the snake. 

Romans 13:10

When we love somebody, we want what is best for them.  We want them to live blessed lives.  Romans 13:10 tells us love works no ill to his neighbor…  so if I want no ill to befall my neighbor, the Bible calls this love – not hate.  When we see young people being handed the deadly snakes of this world’s wicked culture and encouraging them towards full rebellion to God, then we are going to react strongly to their lies to caution them of that destructive path.  We do this out of love – not hate.  We do this to protect these young victims from the lies that are telling them to rebel against the very God of heaven – lies that would directly lead to their destruction. 

“Love worketh no ill to his neighbor: therefore love is the fulfilling of the law.”      

Romans 13:10

If you can’t access the Epoch Times link, here is the link to the actual study published by the National Library of Medicine.


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    Couldn’t have said it better – Thank you for taking a stand!

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