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The Founders’ Bible

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Why Patriot's Hope Likes It

Every once in a while, a book comes along that has a intense impact on you; when the book is true, that impact runs deep. The Scriptures have always been an important part of my life. In recent years, a passion for our country and the principles it is built on has grown. The more I study, the more I realize that we are being lied to. Our country IS based on a Biblical Foundation. Our Founding Fathers had a Biblical worldview, even if there weren’t all Christians. As I dig in and learn, I am profoundly moved by the realization that there is no separating God’s Word from the founding of America. Any honest study of the original documents and words of the founders will prove that quickly. The Founders’ Bible is an incredible resource that brings both of those together. We are purchasing one for each of our children’s library and this is our number one recommended resource for every person who desires to learn the truth about the founding of our amazing country.


As America stands at the crossroads of history, there is a need for us to look back and rediscover the vision of those who laid the groundwork and built the foundation that made our nation great. The Founders’ Bible will renew your hope and invigorate your passion not only for America, but for the Word of God. Discover the Scriptures that the Founders used as the basis for our original founding documents, see what chapters inspired them in the fight for independence, understand the sacrifices they made because of their Biblically-based beliefs and learn about America as a Christian nation.

Watch my video review of the Founders’ Bible here:

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