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What Would the Founding Fathers Think?

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Why Patriot's Hope Likes It

What a fun and engaging book. I read this aloud to my four boys ages 6-15. The author is the illustrator and the pictures are hilarious. My boys laughed so hard. The book discusses the original design of our country, how we have strayed from that original intent, and what we can do about it now. This is one of the most important books in our family library. Come join Benjamin Franklin, James Madison, and George Washington on an adventure like none other. Every American should read this book!


A Young American’s Guide to Understanding What Makes Our Nation Great & How We’ve Strayed. These are the facts: The United States of America was and is the greatest nation on Earth. Today, the United States of America is in serious trouble. You will inherit the United States of America and its problems in just a few short years. And this is the solution: a book about American history, politics, and government that’s actually fun to read. With wit, humor, and the occasional serious note, David Bowman brings the founding fathers back to life, showing how they might react to America’s current political pickle. By skillfully illustrating the problems our nation will face and presenting them in an interactive format, this book is bound to bring any teen into the political process. And it’s so much fun adults will want to read it too! 

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