Strengthen the Family through Reading (and a Free Audio Book!)
Published on June 23, 2022
Strengthen the Family through Reading

Have you ever been sitting in your living room or around the kitchen table and the conversation turns to a book you’ve recently read? Have you heard children trying to talk over each other as they excitedly tell you their favorite part? Or have you ever been talking about something completely different and have a child make reference to a book and only your family knows what they are talking about? Reading aloud is an excellent way to strengthen the family. (Keep reading to see how to get a free audio books!)

creating family culture

When we do things together with our children, we create a family culture. Around here, we have our own phrases, idioms, references, and jokes. These come from spending time together, reading books aloud, and watching movies together. We have our own Team Southerland-isms and it is fun! I love when those outside our family start using some of our phrases. It means they have spent time with us. They are our people.

Strengthen the Family

Reading aloud to my children is something I have done their whole lives. We have read thousands of pages and we have so many memories. I’m no longer surprised when one of my children mentions a book we’ve read together and uses the lessons we’ve learned and applies it to a current situation.

for good or for evil

Stories are powerful! Jesus used stories and parables frequently. It is a wonderful way to instill values, morals, and a sense of right and wrong. It can be used in the opposite way as well. It is vitally important that we wisely choose the books we read to our children. We take them into another world when we read to them. Is it a good world or an evil one?

how to choose quaility books

We have a pretty simple criteria for books in our family.

  • Does the story honor and glorify Jesus Christ in its message?
  • Is the story interesting and hold everyone’s attention?

That’s pretty much it.

Is every book we read a “Christian” book? No. It isn’t. Are the characters disrespectful, rude, mean, or do immoral things? Sometimes. But we choose not to read books were there are no consequences for those behaviors. We also choose not to read books that portray those traits as normal or positive.

strengthen family through reading

Reading as a Means of Educating

Much of the education of our children is through stories. Notice I didn’t say textbooks. Stories touch the heart and leave lasting impressions. History is one of my favorite subjects to teach through reading. As we have continued to search out books that hold our attention and have a message that honors the Lord, we have found one company we return to over and over again.

Books that Leave the Kids Begging for More

Many, many years ago we came across a company called Character Concepts. When our oldest were tiny, we used Proverbs People 1 & 2 and my kids LOVED it! I have to admit, I loved it too. As the years went by, we stumbled across another book called For You They Signed. We didn’t know that it was written by Marilyn Boyer but when we saw that, we knew it would be great. If you have ever been a student in one of our Constitution Classes, you know we talk about this book. We love it so much that we bought 6 copies- one for each of our children’s personal libraries. If the children beg to read “Just one more chapter”, I know that book is a winner. We have found this happening multiple times with many of the books by Rick & Marilyn Boyer.

Our Latest Favorite Read Aloud

We are almost finished reading Profiles of Valor- Character Studies from the War of Independence. We all love this book! We have met brave, courageous, valiant men and women who behaved honorably and made a difference in the forming of America. We also met some of the shady characters in our history and saw the consequences of those actions. In our series about the “R.E.C.I.P.E.” for saving America, one “E” in the acrostic was for “Encourage”. In our article, “Encourage Each Other in the Truth“, we talked about the importance of telling the stories of America’s past. We talked about how encouraging it is to share the stories of those who stood up for what is right – especially during times of trial. Profiles of Valor is one of our favorite books for sharing stories like that from America’s amazing history.

Uncle Rick’s Audio Book Club

Sometimes it’s hard to find time to sit down and read aloud. And every once in a while, Mama likes a break from reading. 🙂 Enter- an audio book club. A couple months ago, our family joined Uncle Rick’s Audio Book Club, by Rick & Marilyn Boyer. Since we were already familiar with the company and the amazing books they write, we knew we would enjoy this audio book club. Each month, the boys get to choose 2 new audio books! It’s so much fun as they pour over the hundreds of selections. Scripture, History, Adventure stories, Historical Fiction, and Character are some of the categories of audio books that are offered.

Uncle Rick Audio Book Details

  • The Uncle Rick Audio Book Club brings the best selection of KID-SAFE audiobooks you’ll find anywhere, in a monthly audio club subscription
  • When your family joins Uncle Rick’s audio book club, you will download two Uncle Rick audio books of your choice each month for only $10. That’s two great audio books for LESS than the price of one—$30 worth of great audios for only $10! What a bargain!
  • But there’s more—much more.  In addition, you will receive a 20% DISCOUNT on every purchase you make from Character Concepts for as long as you’re a member of the Uncle Rick Audio Book Club.  It’s like enjoying a 20% OFF sale all year long!

Free Audio Book for Patriot’s Hope Readers

Rick & Marilyn Boyer have graciously offered a coupon code for a copy of the audio books Jefferson’s Masterpiece and The Signing of the Declaration of Independence. Just click the link and add the book to your cart. Use the coupon code: patriots22 and the book will be free. Coupon expires July 15, 2022. For more freebies, check out our Resources page. We love creating things for our readers.

strengthen family through reading
Free Audio Books! Use Coupon Code: patriots22

Join the Club

Click here to learn more about Uncle Rick’s Audio Book Club. Go look around and see all the great options. Don’t forget that members of the Audio Book Club also receive 20% off every purchase in the Character Concepts store!

Read aloud and make some memories

Take some time to strengthen the family through reading aloud. I know many of our readers already do this. Be Encouraged with great stories from our national history as you seek to follow the Recipe to save America! Drop us a comment and let us know your favorite read alouds, and we’d love to also hear what you think of your free audio books!.


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  1. Allen Hanegan

    I have recently taken the Biblical Citizenship class, I didn’t get to take the last lesson because my work schedule changed so that I no longer had weekday evenings free but was assigned 2nd shift hours as a “Greeter” at my local Meijer store. Greeters at Meijer are part of the Asset Protection department of Meijer. However, I had purchased the dvd series for Biblical Citizenship and finished the course on my own. I had previously purchased the Constitution Alive course through Wallbuilders and I was glad I did because, again my work schedule does not allow me take an evening on-line course, as much as I would like to.

    I have also previously purchased and read a lot of Wallbuilders materials. I am a Christian and was a history and museum studies major in college and graduate school. I loved American History in school and I love America and I love to study history still especially as presented in Wallbuilders and Patriot Academy material.

    I am not sure how to proceed now with with presenting Wallbuilders and/or Patriot Academy courses in the area in Champaign, Illinois where I live. I think I would love being a Constitution Coach but the small apartment where I live is to small I think to host a class of more than one or two other people. I am also a bachelor and not very good at providing snacks or other food, which I know is a good thing to be good at if you want people to attend something. I also have not asked my pastor at church about hosting an event there. My pastor is on vacation this week anyway.

    This is probably not the place to go into such detail about myself and my willingness to be a Constitution Coach. I would probably have been better off perhaps to have emailed Rick Green himself or somebody. I tried that once before and didn’t get any answer. I know that Rick is probably busy but I am just not sure if or how to proceed with becoming a Constitution Coach. But I think there is a need to present such material in Champaign in central Illinois. I understand there are Constitution Mentors. Perhaps that is what I could use to help get started with getting through the things a person has to do to become a Constitution Coach.

    I would like to purchase the course material for the Defense of the Constitution Coach but I don’t have a hundred dollars right now to purchase the course material. I can perhaps purchase the required material in the middle of July after my Social Security comes. I am 72 years old. Thanks for reading through this rather long email and perhaps you can advise how to proceed in becoming a Constitution Coach and/or spread this information, which I think there is a real need for people in central Illinois to learn about. I guess the whole state of Illinois is a Democratic stronghold.

    • RaShell Southerland

      Hello Allen- Thank you for commenting. You have come to the right place. Jason and I can help you out. We will be sending you an email today with more information. The Patriot Academy Coach Program is free and as a Coach, you will have access to all the classes. Click here to see your options and sign up. Jason and I will be hosting a Coach Mentoring Call next week on Zoom and we would love to visit with you and answer all your questions. Until then, check out our blog post Become a Constitution Coach. We will be in touch. Have a blessed day!

      • Julia

        This article is so important at this time because of all the criminal and evil curriculum allowed in schools. And even if children are being homeschooled this is extremely important for parents to have the upper hand in what children are being exposed to. If they are taught early on in life the goodness of God, they may stray but they will remember those Holy and healthy communication and return to it.

        • Jason Southerland

          You aren’t kidding, there is a lot of wicked and evil stuff that children in schools are being exposed to these days. It is crazy. Like never before, we need great materials for children. This particular promotion for free audio book is over now, but we are always looking for great resources for children. Uncle Rick’s is always a great option! Thank you for the comment!

  2. Dorothy Alegria

    Rashell, my best wishes to Allen. I too have a problem juggling my work schedule and my classes. I just do what I have to do. Lots of consternation. I just rely on Jesus to get me through. I too am older (78), so I know what he is saying. I am going to get the audio books you have offered to us. Thank you for getting free copies for us. I have no family or children but will tell my church about it for the children’s ministry…. God Bless what you and your husband do for us as coaches and Patriot Academy….

    • RaShell Southerland

      Hi Dorothy- thank you so much for your comment. I appreciate you sharing this with your church and the children’s ministry. I know it is tough juggling other responsibilities and hosting classes. Just keep plugging away at it. Little by little. 🙂 It’s a joy to work alongside fellow coaches. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help!

  3. Beverly Gatlin

    I’ve always felt that reading was very important and I encouraged my son to read a lot. When he was young, I did have him read out loud, and I would read to him at bedtime. He would read a book and we might discuss it during and/or after, but I never thought about both of us reading out loud and discussing. After reading your blog, I can see the importance of doing that sometimes. Thank you for that!

    • RaShell Southerland

      Thank you for your kind words. I love our read aloud times. It has been a precious time for our family. I never imagined the family culture we would develop, in part, by reading together. It’s been a blessing. We also do a lot of reading on our own. I love reading! Some of my family shares that love. Not all of them, but none of them mind read aloud time. 🙂


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